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Land Study

Initial assessment and soil extraction for soil analysis are performed during on-site inspections. The results from these assessments will be utilized for crops and fertilization program recommendations.

Farm Planning

To estimate the potential of the land for agriculture, we conduct a general farm assessment and evaluation.

  • Soil Analysis and Interpretation
  • Ideal Crops and Livestock Recommendation
  • Farm Layout Proposal
  • Farm Management Tools
  • Production and Farm Management Guide
  • Cost & Return Analysis
  • Agribusiness Recommendation

Farm Supervision

We extend a hand to farm owners by executing farm profiling, assessment, outlining, and business establishment. We ensure that your agricultural team is consistent with the implemented schedules and meets their target production. Regular visits, farm status reports, and additional recommendations are provided.

Market Linkage

Our wide variety of connections in the food industry can help clients sell their produce to local traders, wholesalers, food processors, and even hotels and restaurants.

We ensure a seamless business operation, and secure sustainability for the farm owners in the long run.


We can transform your property to be more appealing by adding various features and plants, increasing the value of your land, and beautifying your space, along with other benefits. This service is available for Ecotourism Farms, AgriFarm Residences, and Farms for special events.


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